Bentleys are luxury vehicles that provide an excellent driving experience. Even though they are one of the best vehicles on the road, they can still experience component failures. In some models, air suspension part failure is all too common.

Bentleys provide drivers and passengers with a smooth ride because of the air suspension. The system was designed to take the place of the traditional suspension system. The air suspension system in the Bentley provides excellent support and stability.

When you experience air strut failure, it is important to examine the suspension system as a whole. There is often another reason that causes the struts to fail, and when they fail, they are also having an impact on the other suspension components. Your Bentley should always provide you with a smooth and comfortable ride. If it begins to shake, bounce, or make strange noises, call us right away. Continuing to drive your Bentley can lead to an accident.

What is the air suspension system?

Most vehicles use steel springs. Bentleys use four air springs. These springs are rubber cylinders that are filled with air. The computer in your car monitors the suspension and can make the appropriate changes to make your ride comfortable.

If you begin to notice that your Bentley sits lower after it has been sitting for a while, its suspension is probably failing. There may also be a warning light on the display alerting you to a problem. It is important that you have the issue taken care of right away to avoid damage to other components.

The strut assembly is composed of several parts. The struts are a crucial part of the suspension, as they absorb the shock created when driving over bumps and rough roads. Certain Bentley models are more prone to failure than others.

What causes air strut failure in your Bentley?

Air suspension systems are made up of several different components. Just as with any other component in your car, these parts can also fail. When the air suspension system begins to experience issues, you will no longer have the smooth ride you once did.

The rubber cylinder can wear out over time, causing an air leak. The rubber will get small cracks, and the air will begin to leak out slowly. The slow leak is what causes the car to sit lower in the morning. If the issue is only affecting one of the air struts, you may notice that your Bentley sits lower on one corner. If one strut is having issues, the others are not far behind. We recommend replacing all struts at the same time.

Taking care of the problem right away will help prevent additional failures. If you continue to drive your Bentley, the air spring can fail completely. When this happens, the body of the car can hit the ground.

Signs your air struts are failing

When the air struts are failing, you may notice that the car does not move the same way as it did, as it may now lean more to one side or sit closer to the ground. Your ride will also become bumpier because the struts are not able to absorb the shock from the road.

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Preventative maintenance is the best way to Bentley Suspension Issue Checkprevent any vehicle component failure. It is important you follow your Bentley’s maintenance schedule. Since Bentleys are known for having suspension issues, it is important that you let your mechanic know if you recognize any early symptoms of air strut failure.

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