Your clutch is an assembly of parts, meaning that it comprises multiple, separate components that work together in one system. The role of your clutch is to isolate the engine from the wheels upon changing gear. This technically means that for a split second, your engine and wheels work independently of one another, and it is in this moment, that a gear change is able to occur.

As mentioned, the clutch needs all parts in its system to work together, and while each manufacturer will put their own spin on the system, all clutch assemblies will include a pressure plate, flywheel, throw-out clutch bearing, and clutch disc. Let’s look at the kinds of issues your BMW’s clutch assembly might develop and also discuss where to go in Mission Viejo for quick and straightforward repairs.

Ways to Tell the Clutch Assembly is Faulty

As the clutch is an assembly of multiple parts, there can be a wide variety of symptoms your BMW might experience, depending on which part has become problematic. We could write several articles about the many types of niche failures your clutch can develop, but we’ve selected the top four most common for your convenience:

1. Age

All car parts will start to degrade over time. That is just a fact. Burn out (clutch failure) will most commonly occur in high-performance or sports cars because of the aggressive manner they are driven. Owners of these vehicles will often over-use the clutch to maximize their engine’s performance, but in terms of prolonging the lifespan of the clutch assembly, this flashy display of power and prowess should be avoided. A burned out clutch is a relatively expensive issue to fix, so if you’re looking to conserve your cash, treat your clutch kindly.

2. The way your clutch pedal feels

You can often tell the health of your clutch assembly by how the pedal feels. When the clutch assembly becomes problematic, you will notice that it feels sticky and may take more effort to depress than before. You may also feel vibrations when you put your foot on the pedal.

3. Noises

When your clutch assembly is in pristine condition, it will operate silently. Therefore, any noise you hear when engaging the clutch or shifting gear should be seen as a red flag that is warning you of part failure.

4. Gear changes become problematic

Your BMW’s transmission system works closely with the clutch assembly. If your clutch assembly starts to fail, it may result in problems arising with the transmission, too. This will make gear changes difficult. You may notice you have problems only with specific gears or all of them.

BMW Models which Commonly Suffer Clutch Failure

Unlike some other models of car, such as MINI, BMWs actually have a good reputation when it comes to clutch issues. There are a few BMW models that stand out from the crowd though, so if you have a BMW X6, BMW 1-Series, BMW X5, or BMW E90, you may want to pay particular attention to maintaining a healthy clutch assembly.

How to Easily Fix Clutch Assembly Problems

The more quickly you respond to your BMW’s clutch problems, the easier the remediation of the issue will be. When issues in the system begin to show, they are likely to be very minor, possibly only needing an inspection with basic repair work. However, if you ignore the issue and continue driving, the problem has time to develop and make a larger impact upon other parts. This creates a more severe and widespread issue, which may take some time and considerably larger financial output to remedy.

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