Keeping track of whether the brake lights are properly functioning is difficult for the average driver because of obvious reasons: they’re in the back of the vehicle and it requires the driver to press the pedal while someone else checks for brake light illumination. This is why it is important to do regular self-inspections of your vehicle. You don’t want to get caught at night without brake lights, as this can be incredibly dangerous due to significantly lower visibility when you are stopping. Your tail lights ensure that other drivers behind you can spot you from a safe distance, but your brake lights communicate to other drivers that you are either slowing down or stopping. If you have noticed that your brake lights are not illuminating, there may be a few different reasons behind it.

Brake Lights Malfunction

When your brake lights stop working, this can be a bit of a confusing issue, especially if your tail lights seem to be working fine. Here are a few possible explanations as to why this may be happening:

Damaged Light Bulbs

This is the simplest of all the possible explanations and the most common. Most drivers do not think about light bulbs in our vehicles, and their importance. We are usually focused on engine problems, possible transmission failures, and listening for brake wear. It can be quite surprising to learn that one of your light bulbs of your vehicle has gone out, since we subconsciously expect them to last forever. Luckily, blown-out light bulbs are a quick fix, inexpensive to replace, and do not require any sort of invasive service to your vehicle. Although the replacement of your bulbs can be done on your own, it is best to have this done by a professional, especially on extraordinary vehicles like your Bentley.

Problems with the Electrical System

There could be a problem with your Bentleys electrical system, such as a bad electrical ground. Some models may have a switch-provided ground. In this case, your brake light switch may still be functional and there may not even be an issue with the light bulbs. However, some electrical mishap is preventing the light from turning on. Here, especially, you would need to hire the help of an experienced automotive technician.

Compromised Fuse Box and Light Switch

There could be a blown fuse which is causing a problem for your brake lights. In order to confirm this, you would need to locate the fuse box or the power distribution center, since any problems with the brake lights can be traced by to either the fuse box or the light switch. A blown fuse needs to be replaced with a new fuse of the same amperage. Unless you are DIY savvy, this will require the help of a licensed mechanic.

One or Both Brake Lights Are Out

Paying attention to which brake lights are working can help you narrow down the potential source of the problem. If one or more of the brake lights are not functional, you can assume that the problem is either a bad light bulb or another generally low-risk issue. If none of the brake lights work at all, this may be a sign that there is a larger electrical problem at play. It may point to the fuse box, light switch, or problem with the wiring.

Have Your Bentley Serviced at Mark Douglas Motorworks

Since these issues are difficult to diagnose and can be Bentley Fuse Box Check occurring in tandem with other issues, such as a failure of the electrical system, it is imperative that you have your Bentley serviced by an experienced repair shop. Mark Douglas Motorworks is the number one European automobile repair and service shop in Mission Viejo. We understand how much your Bentley means to you, and also how expensive it can be to have repaired. Our technicians vow to treat your vehicle like our own and will provide expert assistance at an affordable price. We enjoy meeting new customers and ensuring that our expert repairs and honest customer service will create an excellent working relationship so that we become your trusted Bentley service center.

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